Annie Nicholas

Writing Romances with Bite


Live bait makes all the difference.

Angler book one

Sent to Budapest by her slayer boss, Connie Bence’s mission is to bait the vampire Overlord into a trap. Their plans hit a snag when the suave bloodsucker turns the tables on them and captures her instead. The slayers have concrete proof he’s guilty of murder and Connie is ready to kiss her ass goodbye until this ruthless killer does the unthinkable by protecting her from his own kind. It plants seeds of doubt in her mind and she begins to question his guilt.

Now she is thrown into his world where blackmail determines her every move and where she must betray those she cares about or let them die. The stakes are high. She either puts her trust in Rurik or leads him to his execution.


Connie Bence is blood bound to her vampire lover, Rurik, and it makes her craves his blood but recently she seems to need more everyday. The hunger is driving her insane. 

Desperate to find help, Rurik brings her to Rio De Janeiro where his king rules the vampire nation. The back-stabbing vampire almost killed her and Rurik when they’d first met, using them to obtain his crown. She would rather stake him, but the small drop of his powerful blood he’d forced her to drink in Budapest had saved her once.

Their timing to seek Tane, their king, couldn’t be worse. The betrayer finds himself betrayed. Tane’s rule is in upheaval and he’s forced to place his trust in two people who owe him no allegiance--her and Rurik. As she works at his side to keep his kingdom, Connie discovers Tane still desires Rurik. Caught in a love triangle, Connie fights to keep her lover and discover a cure to her growing blood lust.


Nosferatu rule from the shadows and keep order over their blood thirsty people. Bald with pointed ears, they give vampires something to fear. If a law is broken, they have only one punishment. Death. They are the most powerful clan in the Vampire Nation and the most monstrous. Only a male vampire can be transformed into a Nosferatu but not all survive.

Connie Bence is on the run with her two lovers, Rurik and Tane. As leader of the Nosferatu, Tane’s only threat is his own clansmen and they want all three of them dead. When Rurik began to lose his hair rumors spread and the Nosferatu accuse Tane of trying to transform Rurik into one of them illegally.

With the Nosferatu on their heels, Connie tries to figure out what’s changing Rurik and cure him before she loses him to blood lust.


Gwen met her match a year ago. Like most wolf shapeshifters, they knew upon contact they were mates but Colby hadn’t stuck around to bond. He’d dumped her and her whole pack knew it. Never one to cry surrender, Gwen goes on the hunt to find out exactly what sent him running. 

Hopping from country to country, she chases him until she loses his scent. Unable to return home with her tail between her legs, she takes a job guarding the newest member of the Nosferatu vampire clan in New York City to keep him out of trouble.

Colby is hunting the vampire who kidnapped Red, a member of his slayer team, but every turn he takes leads him back to the one person he’s been trying to avoid. Gwen.

If Gwen catches her prey, God help him.