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Latest Releases! 

Masters of the Hunt


June 2, 2015

Bait included

with exclusive extra


Alphas on the Prowl

Releasing in

April 28th!

New Chronicles of Eorthe


novella included

Scent of a Scandal

Coming Releases!


Releasing July 5th, 2015

Awe and Isnay have been secretly flirting, but they can’t be together because their wolf packs have been rivals for ages. Neither of their alphas will bless the union.

Is desire to follow pack law stronger than their desire for each other?


Re-release of Red Dawn

with a new title

and cover

Fall 2015

Halloween Boxset

Fall 2015

with a new

vampire novella

that will be released

on its own in December

Boot Camp of 

Misfit Wolves

Vanguard Elite

Book One

Releasing Fall 2015